UX Designer / Frontend Developer

Hello I'm Rahul, I'm a UX Designer and Frontend Web Developer. I believe that the major key ingredients to create amazing user experiences are functionality, usability, simplicity and thoughtfulness. I make people happy by creating amazing experiences.

Check out some of my projects.

Knowledge@Wharton | iPhone App

A universal iOS application for Knowledge@Wharton, the online business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

MathYogi | Web App

A web app which is a virtual assistant for math teachers and a personal math mentor. MathYogi allows students to practice infinite math problems and creates in depth analysis reports of students weakness to assist teachers.

Zilpa | Android App

Zilpa takes a user's location and guides them to artists who practice traditional methods to create art. Then, the user can purchase a piece of art from the artisan, and meet them in person.

UWC NEXT | Web App

UWC NEXT is a crowd funding platform for the 14 United World Colleges highschool network. Users can post different projects and receive help from anybody interested, causing change and helping others has never been easier.

HealthJiva | iPhone App

HealthJiva is designed to make life easier for patients, their caregivers and doctors. The app can be used to easily record the time, duration and severity of symptoms experienced by the patients, and to record the dosage and times when medication was taken by the patients.