User Research, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, Interface Design, Responsive Web Design


Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, POP, Invision, Principle


HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS, Bootstrap

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Hi, I am Rahul! Rahul means "conqueror of all miseries". It also means "traveller" in Arabic. I was born and raised in India went to an international high school (United World College of India) where the student body represented 75 different nationalities. I learned about diverse cultures perspectives, religion, and values while studying IB Diploma.

I got my undergraduate degree from Iowa In 2010, I was offered full scholarship to study Liberal Arts at Luther College in Iowa. I graduated with a CS Major. While I was in my senior year I built my first app called StuffSwitch with my roommates. StuffSwitch was like Craigslist but within your friends and their network inside facebook. We finished this app roughly within a month.

StuffSwitch functionality was great however, the User Interface was ugly, clunky and sketchy, which is why we failed in getting users. It made me realize the importance of UI and UX Design and ever since then I have been curious about UI/UX Design and Developemnt of applications.

I got my masters degree from New Mexico In 2014, I went to do Masters in Software Design and Development at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico (it is the original Las Vegas ;))

During my two years at Highlands I worked on three projects that really taught me about my strengths and weaknesses in Frontend development and UI Design:

1. ExEd (Co-curricular activities registration web app for UWC USA high school in Montezuma, NM, USA) & 2. MathYogi (Virtual Math mentor)

In both of these projects my role was to build and design the UI which is also responsive and can be easily used in multiple devices. I really enjoyed building these with my friends.

3. Knowledge@Wharton (Business Journal iPhone app for Wharton School of Business)

Improving my writing skills and building pet projects using ReactJS For the past year I have been working as a UX Engineer at Riviera Partners in San Fransisco. Learning to improve my ReactJS and UX Design skills. Always looking for new opportunities to grow my UI/UX knowledge.

Oh! You made it all the way here...want to look at a electronic music album I produced recently and an article I published about ux analysis of Western Unions's signup page.