Knowledge@Wharton is the digital business journal committed to sharing the intellectual capital of The Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania.


The Business School of Wharton has an online business journal which includes Analysis of current business trends, Interviews with industry leaders and Wharton faculty, Articles based on the most recent business research, Conference overviews, book reviews and links to relevant content, Searchable database of more than 6,300 articles and research abstracts however, they did not have a smartphone application which they wanted to design.

My Contributions

I worked directly with the PM and design the User Interface of the iPhone screens, did competitive analysis of other business journal applications. Produced and presented interactive prototypes of iOS app utilizing InVision to stakeholders. Designed high fidelity mockups for entire app using Illustrator and provided specs to the developer team. Generated app assets, logos, icons and screenshots for iTunes submission.

Quick Facts

My Role:
UI Designer
I was the sole UI designer for this project worked closely with the PM and Dev team.


Vishal Bharam| iOS Developer Lead

Jan. 2016 - Present

Adobe CC

Wharton School of Business

Competitive Analysis, UI Design, and iTunes Submission Assets

News app research
I did a competitive analysis of existing business journal apps which included BBC News, CNN News, and McKinsey Insights. Major focus was analyzing the UX and functionality of these apps and the categories were; Grid/Layout, Filter by/Sorting feature, Search feature, Readability, Sharing via social media and email, Download for offline reading and Social login.
Here is a summary chart of my analysis.
App screen sketch wireframe
To come up with better overview of goals and requirements of the app, I quickly jot down my thoughts and how to interconect with each other. Gathered some inspiration from existing journal apps layout, and draw rough sketch of layout of the app.
App screen designs
After successfully presenting and getting approval of wireframes from the stakeholders and engineering team I designed the full color screens using Adobe Illustrator, keeping the aesthetics of the Knowledge@Wharton brand.
I designed and converted app icons for different dimensions so it can look great on all iPhones and iPads. Then mocked up the icons in different screens of iOS including Home screen, App store screen, Settings screen. Also, prepared the images that go on the Appstore for app details on the app download page.
I am designing a V2 of K@W app and at the moment doing user interviews, and A/B Testing.