Riviera Partners - Sutro, Snap, Delve

Riviera Partners is a global recruiting firm specializing in the technology industry. The company provides clients with optimal placements by combining recruiter interactions and experience with data-driven findings about candidates.


Riviera Partners, they has 3 applications (Sutro, Snap and Delve). Sutro helped recruiters to keep track of candidates, companies, jobs and applications it also helps them to do advanced search to find best candidates for new jobs. Snap is for hiring managers it helps them to track applications submitted by Riviera recruiters. At the end of last year Riviera launched a new iPhone application called Delve, which helps candidates find new jobs (Tinder for jobs).

My Contributions

• Coded the UI for the Riviera mobile application for candidates landing page using HTML, CSS (Bootstrap).
• Fixed web UI bug fixes and refactored form elements across the Riviera Platform.
• Tested cross browser and multiple device compatibility for the Riviera web mobile application for candidates.
• Learned efficient implementation of UI components using LESS and React components.
• Researched and developed a UI Styleguide of patterns and components for the Riviera Partners Platform.
• Gained knowledge of front end development with Javascript framework (React).
• Collected feedback from active users to improve application performance.

Quick Facts

My Role:
UX Engineer
I was the junior UI/UX person in this team and assisted the senior UX person with designing mocks, converting them to code and refactoring UI components.

Lam Huynh | Sr. UX Designer

Jul. 2016 - Jul. 2017

HTML, LESS, Bootstrap, ReactJS

Omnigraffle, Adobe CC

Delve mobile web app
I contributed to this project by designing the UI, coding responsive layout for multiple devices (iPhone, Android) and made it compatible for multiple browsers Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Also, fixed UI bugs across the app.

Sutro company scoring mocks
One of the tasks I performed was showing the company score of a company based on the average rating of its employees (like glassdoor). This helped Recruiters to quickly scan the company and make a decision about the candidates background employments, matches, while sourcing the candidate. I designed the UI and coded the UI reusing existing UI component keeping Sutro's aesthetics consistent across different pages.
Sutro Styleguide
In order to keep the aesthetics and themes consistent across all the apps Riviera needed a styleguide which could help developers, PMs and new hires to quickly refer to the Styleguide and learn about the color palette, icons, typography and other UI Components that are being used. I researched and developed a UI Styleguide of patterns and components.

Snap dashboard iterations
Snap is the third inhouse web app of Riviera Partners which allows hiring managers and clients to keep track of candidates, jobs, applications, submitted by the Riviera recruiters. A challenging piece of this app was providing a summary of the candidate search for a role to the HR. The HRs needed to quickly understand the status of the search. Hence, I designed and presented multiple mocks iterations of the solution, which shows the data with gauges with important information of i.e. search age, outbound to interest, submitted to interview, candidate reject after interview.