I worked on Zilpa as my masters project focusing on Android app development and UI Design. Zilpa is a source for authentic crafts. Zilpa provides a way for travelers and artists to have moments and experiences together in a real, authentic way. Zilpa takes a user's location and guides them to artists who practice traditional methods to create art. Then, the user can purchase a piece of art from the artisan, and meet them in person and learn stories about their creation process.

Zilpa: Authentic Crafts

UI Design, Android development, Inspiration UI, Layout design, Mockups, Screenshots

User workflow
I created the user flow for the entire app from welcome screen to getting major tasks done, i.e. Artist making profit and Customers finding art they love.
Logo iterations
I wanted to show the earthy, natural, handmade, ethnic, yet sophisticated brand. And here are some of the logo iterations I did using Illustrator.
Final zilpa logo
I selected this logo as the final because it feels handcrafted, and the colors are earthy yet modern brand. And the dot of the 'i' has the colors which represents diversity and culture, which was resonating with the brand. Fonts used: Goudy, Open Sans
UI designs and mockups
I converted the lo-fidelity wireframes into full colored user interface design using Illustrator.